The Covid-19 Pandemic is on everyone’s mind and when it comes to the safety of an event, we leave no detail left out.  In effort to be completely transparent to our participants, we will try to give you as much insight as to what to expect when coming to a Coastal Race Productions event and how your safety is our top priority.

  1. Packet Pickup:  These will be moved outside.  In some cases we will be able to have a drive-thru style (in which you don’t get out of your car) and others it will be walk-up in the open air. We’ve double the normal hours and limiting the participant cap.  All of this allows for fewer people picking up packets on 2/12 at a time.  Physical distancing and masks are required and enforced.
  2. Additional Packet Pickup Options: We’ve allowed for people to have their packets shipped (+small fee to cover shipping) or picked up at a location in Myrtle Beach to reduce participants coming to packet pickup for each event. *There Will Be No Race Day Registration or Packet Pickup Allowed.
  3. Race Cap Limit:  We’re setting limited participant caps for each race and event.  We base these on the current executive order allowing 12 people per 1,000 sqft in sporting fields and parks as well as limitations each town permits.
  4. Masks:  These will be required by all and strictly enforced.  With several pre-race communications and race day “Safety Ambassadors”, we will ensure everyone has a mask on at all times while not running on course.  Our protocol for previous races has been mask on at all times while not running – this includes in the start corral before you begin running and before you cross the finish line into the finisher chute.
  5. Physical Distancing:  This will be required and enforced at all times around our start/finish area and after party area.
  6. Safety Ambassadors: We will have and equip 3 safety ambassadors to be around our start/finish area and after party area to enforce everyone wearing masks and keeping a distance.  They will have a megaphone and signs.
  7. PPE:  All volunteers and staff will be required to wear proper masks (and gloves where necessary)
  8. Signage: We will have dozens of signs reiterating masks and distance requirements.  We ask that all participants please follow these mandates so that we can continue putting on fun and safe events.
  9. Start/Finish Coral: We’re transitioning to a start “window” with an “elite heat” kicking off the race and everyone else safely distancing during a time-frame immediately following.  Our “Safety Ambassadors” will be stationed with signs to enforce masks and distancing.  We’ve also adjusted our finish corral to use half of the lane and keeping our start line open for this longer period of time.
  10. After Party Physical Distancing:  We are purposely spreading out the position of the portajohns, BBQ, Beer and access to our start corral to encourage physical distancing by participants.  So when you get to the race and portajohns are in one far corner, bbq is across the field and then beer is a little further away – this is intentional.  Don’t be mad, it’s in effort to space everyone out.
  11. On-Course Hydration:  Participants need to be self sufficient on hydration and we’ll only be able to provide refueling stations.  These will be every 3 miles on course and allow for a zero-touch zone by volunteers.
  12. Hand Washing Stations:  These will be placed by the Port-a-Johns near the start/finish area.
  13. Virtual Option:  If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable running with us on race day, feel you may have come in contact with someone who has Covid-19 or have any symptoms at all – we have removed any fee and are allowing for a free option to remove yourself from the race and run virtual at no charge, no questions asked.  Stay home, run anywhere/anytime and receive your race swag at your door.  *We usually charge to make any changes to your registration because, to be frank, it affects operations, logistics and the race financially in ways most don’t understand.

There will be ZERO exemptions to the rules above.  We’re not debating here on what works or doesn’t.  There’s not political agenda here.  We want to put on a fun and safe event where everyone feels comfortable.

If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to email: and we’ll be more than happy to help!



  1. What type of face covering is allowed? (i.e. Buffs/gaitors)
    1. ALL face coverings are acceptable.  Buff/Gaitor, surgical masks, etc..  They must cover mouth and nose.
  2. Are there virtual options for all races?
    1. Yes, every race and event of ours has a virtual option.  You can register for these or switch at a later date.  Keep in mind if registering for the virtual event and wanting to switch later to the in-person event, there will be an extra charge for the difference.  If you register for the in-person event and switch to a virtual event, we do not refund the difference.
  3. What if I have a medical reason that prohibits me from wearing a mask?
    1. You can run virtual, we will not be allowing anyone around the start/finish area or after party without a mask.  No exception.
  4. Do spectators need to wear a mask?
    1. Absolutely.  No one is allowed near the start/finish area or after party area without a mask.  No exception.