Updated 10/21/2019

We have a lot of our frequently asked questions listed here but after you’ve read through them all if you still have a question, don’t hesitate to use our contact page.  We aim to offer the most runner friendly events in the Southeast. We do this through quick customer service, allowing runners to manage all aspects of their registration/information and being very open with a generous refund/deferral/transfer policy listed below.  For help making changes in your Run Sign Up account, click here for their tutorials.

This page covers a majority of the “general” frequently asked questions but also keep in mind that each race page will have an faq’s section that covers more race specific information.

All organizations need to have guidelines and these are ours – please do not ask us to make an exception, it is simply not fair to the other runners and we hate to say no so don’t make us do that.


Are Dogs Allowed:

No.  All of our courses are USATF certified and sanctioned and dogs are not allowed for safety reasons.  If you have a 4 legged running companion for medical reasons, you can file a request through the USATF ADA Committee (which takes 4-6 weeks) by clicking here and if they approve, they will provide you documentation that you will then need to provide to us.  Here is a direct link to the form you’ll need to fill out.


Race Bibs:

Race bibs must be worn on the front and be visible at all times.  If anyone is on the course without a bib you will be asked to leave the course.  If you are running with a companion that does not have a bib you will both be asked to leave the course.  No companion bicycles, skooters or unregistered runners/walkers allowed.


Certified Course:

Every Coastal Race Productions event is certified with USATF and measured for accuracy.  If you are hopeful for a state or national record, please give us a heads up so that we’re expecting it and can take proper actions to fill out the paperwork needed for your submission.


Time Limits:

Full Marathon:  7 hours
Half Marathon:  3.5 hours
5K & 1 Mile:  No time limit


Age Restrictions:

We have no age restrictions however we do require parental consent.  Anyone under 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the waiver.


Transgender Policy:

All of our events are certified distances and most are sanctioned with USATF therefore we follow their guidelines.  Click Here to see their policy.

“This policy requires that certain medical benchmarks be achieved before an athlete may compete as the opposite gender for medals, prize money and other benefits. The intent of this policy is to establish competitive eligibility and to help ensure fair competition. The policy also contains safeguards to protect the privacy of any athlete(s) making the request for eligibility.”


Refund Policy:

You may manage this 100% on your own through your RunSignUp account.  There is a $6 processing fee online for any refunds to be issued and we provide the following options based on how far in advance you make the request.

More than 60 days from event:  75% Refund

30-59 days from event:  50% Refund

Less that 30 days from event:  No Refund


Transfer To Another Race:

We allow you to transfer your bib and race entry to another Coastal Race Productions race for yourself up to 30 days prior to an event.  No questions asked, completely managed by yourself through your RunSignUp account.  There is a $15 processing fee.  With consideration of your entry fee already paid, there may be an “upgrade fee” if the other event entry price is higher.  We are not able to allow race transfers less than 30 days from an event for any reason, please don’t ask for an exception.  Need Help?  Click Here for a tutorial on how to edit this.


Event Transfer:

If you want to change from one distance to another distance at the same race on the same weekend, we allow you to do this yourself prior to any Coastal Race Productions event.  This cutoff to switch is typically the final week leading up to a race and based upon availability in that event.  You will manage this through your RunSignUp account and there is a $15 processing fee.  Need Help?  Click Here for a tutorial on how to edit this.

*Why Is There An Online Fee?  Depending on when you make the decision to switch, we are often charged another bib fee, chip fee, timing fee and could incur other various charges.  So even if you are switching from a half to a 5K or Full Marathon down to a 5K – even though you paid more for your registration, we are being charged additional for you making this transfer.  Many races charge $25 – $35 for this same thing.


Bib Exchange/Transfer:

You can transfer your bib to another runner prior to a race. You must login to your RunSignUp account and initiate this bib exchange by placing their name and email in.  The recipient will receive an email to accept the bib, pay a $15 processing fee and sign our online waiver.  Whether you gift it to them or they pay you for it on this side is up to you.  Need Help?  Click Here and look for “Transfer to Another Runner” for a tutorial on how to edit this.


Defer To Next Year’s Race:

You can defer your registration to next years race (the same distance at the same race/event).  You must do this more than 30 days prior to the race, no exceptions, and you can manage this yourself in your RunSignUp account.  There is a $15 processing fee to do this.  Need Help?  Click Here for a tutorial on how to edit this.


Change Shirt Size:

You may adjust your shirt size by logging into your RunSignUp account more than 30 days prior to the race.  If you miss the cutoff for this, you will receive the shirt size selected at packet pickup.  At most Expo’s we offer a Shirt Exchange table if we have an abundance of sizes.  If we don’t have your size you may choose to not wear the shirt and trade it in after the race for another size based on availability.  Need Help?  Click Here for a tutorial on how to edit this.


Do I Have To Run The Entire Series:

No you don’t have to run the Entire Series. Our Races are great stand alone events and anyone one of them alone is a great choice and a chance to visit the beautiful NC Coast! We offer a series option for the convenience of those who wish to run multiple. This year you can pick anywhere from 1 to 5 and a mixture of distances as well.  The more you sign up for all together the more you save!


Virtual Options:

Our races include a virtual option.  This is something that you must register for seprately and the following registration policies apply.  

  • Must be registered for the virtual option in order to receive race packet by mail.
  • If you are registered to run in a race and cannot attend, all of the above registration policies still  apply to you.  The only way to run a race virtually and receive your packet in the mail is if you are registered under the virtual option.

  • You may transfer to the virtual option prior to an event.  You will manage this through your personal RunSignUp account and there is a $15.00 processing fee.

  • Packets will not be available for pick up race weekend.
  • ALL virtual packets will be mailed within 2 weeks of the race. 
  • The cutoff to switch to a virtual is typically the final week leading up to a race.
  • We will only ship packets to those who are actually registered for the virtual option.


*If you decide to come to the race instead of run it virtually.  You must manage this through your RunSignUp account 7 days prior to the event.  You will have to pay the difference in price as well as a $15.00 processing fee but we would love to have you join us!  It’s so much more fun to run with friends! 🙂 NO EXCEPTIONS!



We offer discounts to Military Members as well as Teachers, Students, Fire/Police & Running Clubs.  Please use our contact form to find out more about this.


Inclement Weather:

All Coastal Race Productions events are rain or shine.  If there is lightening, we will postpone until weather is cleared.  If there is rain, we will do our best to continue the event without a delay.  In the case of a hurricane, we will do our best to accommodate an alternate date for the event as well as offer a virtual run.  No weather related refunds.


Insurance Options Offered:

During registration, there is an option for you to purchase insurance on your registration fee.  This includes several items such as injuries, airline issues, car trouble, jury duty, military duty, etc.. but you can find out full details and contact them directly by clicking here. This is a 3rd party insurance company and we do not control coverage.  If you have any questions at all concerning this insurance, please contact them direct via the link above.  You may also wish to explore your own 3rd party insurance covering registration fees.


Packet Pickup:

Please see the individual race page for race specific packet pickup times and locations but I can assure you we will offer race morning pickup for those driving from out of town.

*Please note:  Anyone on the course without a race bib will be asked to leave the course.  Anyone running with a dog unless you have the required USATF paper work will be asked to leave the course.  Companion riders on bicycles are not allowed and will be asked to leave the course.  These are all due to insurance regulations and are grounds for disqualification – It is for the safety of ALL participants.



If you have placed overall or in your age division you must be present to receive your award – we do not ship.