Run Oak Island 2022

    Prices Increase In 1 Day

    Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority

    *Please Note – these are our 2021 Covid Safety Protocol.  This will most likely change for 2022 and we will update as the race gets closer.

    1. Packet Pickup:  Physical distancing and masks are required and enforced.
    2. Additional Packet Pickup Options: We’ve allowed for people to have their packets shipped (+small fee to cover shipping) or picked up at a location in Myrtle Beach to reduce participants coming to packet pickup for each event. *There Will Be No Race Day Registration or Packet Pickup Allowed.
    3. Race Cap Limit:  We’re setting limited participant caps for each race and event.  We base these on the current executive order allowing 12 people per 1,000 sqft in sporting fields and parks as well as limitations each town permits.
    4. Masks:  These will be required by all and strictly enforced.  With several pre-race communications and race day “Safety Ambassadors”, we will ensure everyone has a mask on at all times while not running on course.  Our protocol for previous races has been mask on at all times while not running – this includes in the start corral before you begin running and before you cross the finish line into the finisher chute.
    5. Physical Distancing:  This will be required and enforced at all times around our start/finish area and after party area.
    6. Safety Ambassadors: We will have and equip 3 safety ambassadors to be around our start/finish area and after party area to enforce everyone wearing masks and keeping a distance.  They will have a megaphone and signs.
    7. PPE:  All volunteers and staff will be required to wear proper masks (and gloves where necessary)
    8. Signage: We will have dozens of signs reiterating masks and distance requirements.  We ask that all participants please follow these mandates so that we can continue putting on fun and safe events.
    9. Start/Finish Coral: We’re transitioning to a start “window” with an “elite heat” kicking off the race and everyone else safely distancing during a time-frame immediately following.  Our “Safety Ambassadors” will be stationed with signs to enforce masks and distancing.  We’ve also adjusted our finish corral to use half of the lane and keeping our start line open for this longer period of time.
    10. After Party Physical Distancing:  We are purposely spreading out the position of the portajohns, BBQ, Beer and access to our start corral to encourage physical distancing by participants.  So when you get to the race and portajohns are in one far corner, bbq is across the field and then beer is a little further away – this is intentional.  Don’t be mad, it’s in effort to space everyone out.
    11. On-Course Hydration:  Participants need to be self sufficient on hydration and we’ll only be able to provide refueling stations.  These will be every 3 miles on course and allow for a zero-touch zone by volunteers.
    12. Hand Washing Stations:  These will be placed by the Port-a-Johns near the start/finish area.
    13. Virtual Option:  If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable running with us on race day, feel you may have come in contact with someone who has Covid-19 or have any symptoms at all – we have removed any fee and are allowing for a free option to remove yourself from the race and run virtual at no charge, no questions asked.  Stay home, run anywhere/anytime and receive your race swag at your door.  *We usually charge to make any changes to your registration because, to be frank, it affects operations, logistics and the race financially in ways most don’t understand.

    There will be ZERO exemptions to the rules above.  We’re not debating here on what works or doesn’t.  There’s not political agenda here.  We want to put on a fun and safe event where everyone feels comfortable.

    If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to email: and we’ll be more than happy to help!



      1. What type of face covering is allowed? (i.e. Buffs/gaitors)
        1. ALL face coverings are acceptable.  Buff/Gaitor, surgical masks, etc..  They must cover mouth and nose.
      2. Are there virtual options for all races?
        1. Yes, every race and event of ours has a virtual option.  You can register for these or switch at a later date.  Keep in mind if registering for the virtual event and wanting to switch later to the in-person event, there will be an extra charge for the difference.  If you register for the in-person event and switch to a virtual event, we do not refund the difference.
      3. What if I have a medical reason that prohibits me from wearing a mask?
        1. You can run virtual, we will not be allowing anyone around the start/finish area or after party without a mask.  No exception.
      4. Do spectators need to wear a mask?
        1. Absolutely.  No one is allowed near the start/finish area or after party area without a mask.  No exception.


    Registration Policies:

    1. You can transfer out of the in-person race at any time leading up to the race and switch to running virtual.  All we ask is that you cover shipping.
    2. We will have a clear cut-off (roughly 60 days prior to the event) before we have to make most of our purchases.  We will allow you to defer to the following year at no cost at this time.
    3. After this “deferral cut-off” – if the race is cancelled due to COVID-19, everyone will be able to run virtual, we will host a local packet pickup for those willing to pick up their items and we’ll ship everyone else their medal & race swag to their door.  We will post virtual results online and all participants will additionally be given 25% off ANY future BAM race with Coastal Race Productions.


    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  We’ve hit our cap on blanket giveaways!  All registrations going forward will receive the t-shirt add-on as their free giveaway. (1/15/2021 – 12:15pm)

    This is Presidents Day Weekend AND Valentines weekend this year which makes a perfect 3 day weekend to travel to the beautiful North Carolina Coast.  Offering a Full Marathon, 2 different Half Marathons, 5K and 1 Mile we have something for the entire family.


    The 2021 Medals feature an intricate Sea Turtle – but look closer and you’ll see tons of hidden sea creatures worked into the depth layers of this massive medal.  It opens from the side like a locket and includes a beautiful photo of the beloved Lighthouse located on the East Course (you can take a tour of it if you plan ahead).

    Super soft fleece blanket is the free giveaway for all participants! *Please note – Giveaway is only for the Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K distances.

    After you’ve finished, plan to hang out in the after party.  Your bib will have tear-away tabs for BBQ, Pizza & Beer!

    The Medals are huge dimensional “Locket-Style” that open and include a picture by one of our local photographers and the giveaway item for this race is a custom designed warm fleece blanket.

    This is one of the best races of the year with a race for everyone, flat courses and unbelievable finisher swag.  See below why it’s best to register early and save!

    • Worry free registration with deferrals, refunds, race transfers and a covid safety plan.  View more on our FAQ’s page!
    • Register early and save a bunch of money, one of the most affordable races available when you register early!
    • An after party to remember – beer garden, bbq, music and more.  Hurry up and finish to enjoy!
    • MASSIVE locket style finisher medals – truly some of the most unique and amazing medals you’ll ever see!
    • Finisher Blanket – this is an incredibly soft coral fleece blanket for EVERYONE.  This is going to go down as one of the nicest giveaways ever at a race!
    • Marathon finisher jackets for all of the participants in the full marathon
    • This course is phenominal.  As flat as you get with the only elevation being a beautiful bridge near the end of the Full Marathon and West Half Marathon course.  Ocean views, a lighthouse and all completely on the island!
    • A race for EVERYONE!  Full Marathon, TWO half marathons (East & West courses), 5K & 1 Mile provide a fun island course for everyone to enjoy!


    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 19th, 2022.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!

    Packet Pick-Up Options:

    We are busy working out the details for our 2022 Race Season – Please check back soon!






    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 19th, 2022.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!











    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 19th, 2022.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!


    Due to the ever changing environment surrounding Covid-19 our start and finish will look a little different this year. Please give yourself ample time to find parking before your specific race start. We ask that you stay in your car until you are ready to start your event to cut down on crowds and gathering.  Each event will offer an elite heat with and exact start time.  All other particiapnts in that same event will have an extended window of time to cross the starting line after elite runners have started. 


    Most parking is between 46th & 50th St. on Oak Island Dr.  We will have several volunteers along the road assisting with the parking in approved areas – please follow their direction.  You will want to come onto the island and use the following address: 4601 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island, NC 28465

    It is ok to park on the side of the road as long as all 4 tires are off of the road, you are not blocking any driveways or roadways.

     Updated Start Times:

    • 6:45 – 7:00 Full Marathon & East Half Marthon with the Elite Heat starting right at 6:45 and everyone else using a rolling start. 
    • 7:15 – 7:30 West Half Marathon with the Elite Heat starting right at 7:30 and everyone else using a rolling start.
    • 7:45 – 8:00 5K with the Elite Heat starting right at 8:00 and all others using a rolling start
    • 10:00 – 10:15 1 Mile Rolling Start


    During Race:

    Safety is our #1 priority.  While we work with local authorities and DOT to shut down as many roads as possible, a portion of the courses are open to vehicles so it’s important to be aware.  We discourage headphones and no dogs, bicycles or scooters are allowed per USATF sanctioning and anyone without an official race bib will be asked to leave the course.  Follow our directional signs, volunteers and law enforcement – they know the course and where you need to be running.  

    Post Race:

    We will have a DJ playing some good tunes and at this time we still hope to be able to serve Beer & BBQ.  Awards for Top 3 Overall Female/Male, Top 3 Overall Female/Male Masters, as well as age groups (every 5 years) for Full Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K Female/Male runners.  Although we will not be able to host an official awards ceremony – we will post a time for each event when you can begin picking up your awards.  Please be patient with us, with the rolling starts this will take some time to compute.  *Must pick up award while at the event – we do not ship them!


    Important Reminders:

    Masks On At ALL Times – Unless you are out on the course running.  

    • Must wear your mask once you get out of your car and until you begin your race.
    • Must put your mask back on before you cross the finish line.
    • Stay Social Distant at all times – our ability to have futre races depends on you cooperating!

    No ID = No Beer

    Arrive early – you don’t want to miss your start

    Overall Awards are by gun time and Age Group Awards are by chip time.

    Bring your bib and pre-race hydration

    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!

    RaceJoy App – Free!

    Do you run with your phone?  Want free up-to-date tracking of exactly where you are on course?  Family/Friends can track you and send you audio cheers.  Hear important race information in real time and get audio cues as you pass key areas.

    This is a free app in the apple and android store that you can download.  Once you have it on your phone, it will walk you through setting it up if you’re a runner or spectator.  We’ve paid for everyone in our event to use it so you don’t have to!

    *Available for the Full & Half Marathons Only!

    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!

    1 Incredible Full Marathon, 2 Half Marathons (East & West), a 5K and a “Beach Ball 1 Miler” fun run.

    Run Oak Island Full Marathon:  This course will be the same as in previous years.  Stunning marsh views, out around the lighthouse, 13+ miles of beachfront running (on the road) and over the intracoastal waterway bridge is your only elevation (65′) around mile 23.  Here is your course map with turn-by-turn directions and an elevation chart.


    “East Course” Half Marathon:  Starting with the Full Marathon at 6:45 am, the “East Course” will take runners on a flat all island course with stunning views of the marsh, through a golf community, out to the lighthouse, beachfront for 6+ miles (on the road) and back to the finish.  A super flat & fast course with unbelievable views!  Basically take the first half of the full marathon course.


    “West Course” Half Marathon:  Starting later in the day, the west course is our original half marathon course on Oak Island.  Taking runners beachfront (on the road) for the first 5.5 miles you have some spectacular views.  Then you’ll head over the intercoastal waterway bridge at mile 9 and head back to the finish.  It’s still one of the flattest courses you’ll find and one of the largest in the area – you’re sure to love it!


    Run Oak Island 5K:  An incredibly flat and fast 3.1 miles on the island gives you about 1.5 miles of beachfront running (on the road) before bringing you back to the finish.

    Run Oak Island 1 Mile:  A fun out and back race so that anyone in the family can be involved in the day.  This is not a timed event and it is not a certified exact mile as our other races are.  But it’s a safe and fun ~1 mile event where everyone will still earn a fun medal – It’s the “Beach Ball Miler”!

    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!


    Need direction to Race Day Parking & Start/Finish Line – Click Here


    There are many great accommodations on and around the island. I would recommend contacting the local chamber of commerce.

    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!


    We partner with a professional Timing Company that will provide accurate results.  These will be available to print on race day and online immediately.

    Overall awards are placed by Gun Time – be sure to get to the very front of the corral.

    Age group awards are placed by Chip Time – meaning you can start near the back and your official start time won’t be until you cross the start line.  This also means that it’s possible for someone behind you to have a faster time and place higher.


    Certified Course:

    Every Coastal Race Productions event is certified with USATF and measured for accuracy.  If you are hopeful for a state or national record, please give us a heads up so that we’re expecting it and can take proper actions to fill out the paperwork needed for your submission.



    Military, Students & Teachers – Yes!
    Are you a member of a race club or group – contact us for club discounts.
    Use our contact form  – click here


    Are Dogs Allowed:

    No.  All of our courses are USATF certified and our events are sanctioned – dogs are not allowed for safety reasons.  If you have a 4 legged running companion for medical reasons, you can file a request through the USATF ADA Committee (which takes 4-6 weeks) by clicking here and if they approve, they will provide you documentation that you will then need to provide to us.  Here is a direct link to the form you’ll need to fill out.


    Register Offline:

    We really prefer for you to register online if at all possible – it’s quick and easy with the link at the top of the page.


    Can I walk:

    Absolutely! Our 1 Mile and 5K races have no time limit and our Full & “West” Half Marathon time limit is 7 hours – plenty of time to walk most of the course if you’d like.


    Age Restrictions:

    We have no age restrictions however we do ask for parent or guardian signatures on all minors under 18 years of age.


    Course Support:

    The full marathon will have 16 different water stops along the route and the half marathon will have 8 different water stops along the 13.1 mile course. All stops have water and Gatorade. There is 1 water stop along the 5K course as well.  Volunteers from Non-Profits across Brunswick County are assisting on the course for directions, as well as at the finish line and all of the water stops. Signage is marked on the ground, over 100 directional signs, and a biker will lead both courses.  We have 8′ flag mile markers for every mile on both the 5K and Half Marathon. Post race nourishment includes bananas, gatorade, pizza and beer! You’re going to LOVE running a Coastal Race Productions event!



    We do provide race day photos and our awesome photographer tries to get some of everyone!  If you see her please thank her for all of the awesome FREE photos to enjoy!  These will all be uploaded to our Facebook page please feel free to tag yourself and share with your friends and family.


    Registration Policy:

    You may manage this 100% on your own through your RunSignUp account.  There is a processing fee online for any refunds to be issued and we provide the following options based on how far in advance you make the request.

     More than 60 days from event:  75% Refund
     30-59 days from event:  50% Refund
     Less that 30 days from event:  No Refund


    Event Transfer:

    If you want to change from one distance to another distance at the same race on the same weekend, we allow you to do this yourself prior to any Coastal Race Productions event.  This cutoff to switch is typically the final week leading up to a race and based upon availability in that event.  You will manage this through your RunSignUp account and there is a $15 processing fee.  Need Help?  Click Here for a tutorial on how to edit this.


    Bib Exchange/Transfer:

    You can transfer your bib to another runner prior to a race. You must login to your RunSignUp account and initiate this bib exchange by placing their name and email in.  The recipient will receive an email to accept the bib, pay a $15 processing fee and sign our online waiver.  Whether you gift it to them or they pay you for it on this side is up to you.  Need Help?  Click Here and look for “Transfer to Another Runner” for a tutorial on how to edit this.


    General FAQ’S:

    Visit our General FAQ’s page for answer’s to all of your questions regarding Coastal Race Events.

    *Please note:
    Anyone on the course without a race bib will be asked to leave the course.
    Anyone running with a dog unless you have the required USATF paper work will be asked to leave the course.
    Companion riders on bicycles are not allowed and will be asked to leave the course.
    These are all due to insurance regulations and are grounds for disqualification – It is for the safety of ALL participants.

    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!

    Make the most of 2020!  Whether you’ve set a new goal, tackling a new distance or want to push for that PR we are here to help you!  Let our Certifed Running Coach write a training plan specifically for you!  We are here to help you achieve your goals!  Jump on over to RunCRP to learn more!



    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!

    Volunteers are loved by all!  We would be thrilled to have you join our race day team.  Waterstops, Intersection Cheerleaders, handing out our HUGE medals, amoung many other things.  We rely on some key non-profits that we partner with locally but we could always use some extra support.  If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please Register Here.  

    Thank You!

    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!

    Coastal Race Productions support a number of Non-Profits throughout Brunswick County as well as the American Red Cross!  Please consider making a donation today!

    To make a donation CLICK HERE – Thank you!

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    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!

    Results for previous Run Oak Island events as well as current Run Oak Island Results and Course Records are listed below.



    Full Marathon Course Record:

    Male:  Brian Zickefoose  2:28:28 (2017)

    Female:  Kelly Montague  3:05:58 (2020)

    Half Marathon Course Record:

    Male:  Matthew Fowler  1:17:31 (2019)

    Female:  Shari Eberhard  1:19:41 (2019)

    5K Course Record:

    Male:  Edwin Kibowen  17:51 (2020)

    Female:  Amy Castle  18:21 (2020)

    REGISTRATION is now open for Run Oak Island – February 13th, 2021.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the race!

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