Calabash Turkey Trot

  • $129 - 3 Race Challenge
  • $21 - 1 Mile Registration
  • $38 - 5K Registration
  • $48 - 10K Registration
Prices Increase In 31 Days
32 days
Until Race Day

Nov. 26 2020

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This registration is for the Calabash Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day in Calabash, NC. If you have any issues with registering on this page, click here for another secure website with registration for this race.

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The medals are huge for the 1 mile, 5k, 10 & challenge finishers.  We also have a cool 1/4 zip, beanie hat and tshirt all available for purchase online.

Here’s this cool spinning challenger medal you receive for running the 10k, 5k & 1 mile events all on the same day.  3 races = 4 medals.

We’ve lowered the prices of the races this year to make them more affordable for everyone and added some really cool merch at low prices.  The Beanie & Tshirt are only $10 while the 1/4 zip is $22.  If you sign up for the challenge, you receive all 3 included in your registration as well as all 4 medals!  Again, these are all optional add-ons during registration.  They will be available at packet pickup and race day while supplies last.

These are the certified routes used for the 2021 event.  There may be slight adjustments per town request or for other logistical reasons, however, the course will always be 100% on the road and certified.



Packet Pickup 

We will host a packet pickup on Wednesday November 25th from 2pm – 7pm at the Elks Lodge in Calabash.  More details to come soon.

We will have limited time for packet pickup the morning before the race between 5:30 – 6:45am on Thanksgiving so we strongly urge you to pick up on Wednesday if at all possible.

We have several FAQ’s listed here.  If you don’t find your answers here, we have a more in-depth FAQ page here on our website that applies to all races.



 We partner with a professional Timing Company that will provide accurate results.  Shout out to Scott with SVE


Certified Course:

Every Coastal Race Productions event is certified with USATF and measured for accuracy.  If you are hopeful for a state or national record, please give us a heads up so that we’re expecting it and can take proper actions to fill out the paperwork needed for your submission.  Our full marathon (at Oak Island) is also a Boston Marathon qualifier.



  • Military, Students & Teachers – Yes!
  • Are you a member of a race club or group – contact us for club discounts.
  • Use our contact form  – click here


Are Dogs Allowed:

No.  All of our courses are USATF certified and sanctioned and dogs are not allowed for safety reasons.  If you have a 4 legged running companion for medical reasons, you can file a request through the USATF ADA Committee (which takes 4-6 weeks) by clicking here and if they approve, they will provide you documentation that you will then need to provide to us.  Here is a direct link to the form you’ll need to fill out.


Register Offline:

We really prefer for you to register online if at all possible – it’s quick and easy with the link at the top of the page.


Can I walk:

Yes! Our 1 Mile and 5K races have no time limit and our half marathon time limit is 3.5 hours (16 min miles) – plenty of time to walk most of the course if you’d like.


Age Restrictions:

We have no age restrictions however we do ask for parent or guardian signatures on all minors under 18 years of age.


Course Support:

Aid:  The half marathon will have 8 different water stops along the 13.1 mile course.  All stops have water and Gatorade.  There is 1 water stop along the 5K course as well.

Support:  We will have a truck monitoring the route with water and acting as a “SAG” wagon if you need assistance.  Over 100 volunteers from several different local non-profits are assisting on the course for directions, as well as at the finish line and all of the water stops.

Signage:  We are known for our fun and encouraging on-course signage to keep you on course.  We have tape marked on the ground, over 100 directional signs, and a biker will lead both courses.  We have 8′ flag mile markers for every mile on both the 5K and Half Marathon.

Potty Breaks:  There are over 20 portajohns/toilets at the start finish line and 5 located across the course.

Finish Line:  Post race nourishment includes bananas, Gatorade, pizza and beer!

You’re going to LOVE running a Coastal Race Productions event!



We do provide race day photos and our awesome photographer tries to get some of everyone!  If you see her please thank her for all of the awesome FREE photos to enjoy!  These will all be uploaded to our Facebook page please feel free to tag yourself and share with your friends and family.


Registration Policy:

You may manage this 100% on your own through your RunSignUp account.  There is a $6 processing fee online for any refunds to be issued and we provide the following options based on how far in advance you make the request from the original race date.  If the race is cancelled or postponed for any reason due to weather, pandemic, war or another reason out of our hands; refunds are processed from the original race date following the same timeline as follows:

 More than 60 days from event:  75% Refund
 30-59 days from event:  50% Refund
 Less that 30 days from event:  No Refund


Event Transfer:

If you want to change from one distance to another distance at the same race on the same weekend, we allow you to do this yourself prior to any Coastal Race Productions event.  This cutoff to switch is typically the final week leading up to a race and based upon availability in that event.  You will manage this through your RunSignUp account and there is a $15 processing fee.  Need Help?  Click Here for a tutorial on how to edit this. 


Bib Exchange/Transfer:

You can transfer your bib to another runner prior to a race. You must login to your RunSignUp account and initiate this bib exchange by placing their name and email in.  The recipient will receive an email to accept the bib, pay a $15 processing fee and sign our online waiver.  Whether you gift it to them or they pay you for it on this side is up to you.  Need Help?  Click Here and look for “Transfer to Another Runner” for a tutorial on how to edit this.


General FAQ’S:

Visit our General FAQ’s page for answer’s to all of your questions regarding Coastal Race Events.

*Please note:  Anyone on the course without a race bib will be asked to leave the course.  Anyone running with a dog unless you have the required USATF paper work will be asked to leave the course.  Companion riders on bicycles are not allowed and will be asked to leave the course.  These are all due to insurance regulations and are grounds for disqualification – It is for the safety of ALL participants.