Thank you for joining us for the 2019 Balfour Beatty Wilmington Historic Half Marathon & 5K on Saturday December 7th in Wilmington, NC.  We're answering a lot of frequently asked questions here about the race but if you have any additional questions, please checkout the website here or feel free to respond to this email and we'll be happy to help you.

The courses starts you right downtown on Front St. and takes you through the oldest and largest historic district in North Carolina. The 5K (starting at 7am) will break over to the boardwalk for an amazing finish along the water while the half (starting at 8:15am) spans 3 bridges in the first 5 miles. We've included a fun packed closed course around the lake and also finishing down the nations top rated river walk.  This is sure to be a race you don't forget!  We've made some great improvements on last year's course that runners will love!
★ HUGE Medals - If you've run our events, you know our medals are always BIG and fun. This year's 6" half marathon medal has a ringing bell and is in the shape of North Carolina. The 5K medal is a 4.5" 3 dimensional medal also in the shape of NC.
★ Awesome Long Sleeve Tech Shirts! - The Half Marathon has a red sleeve with 13.1 on it and the 5K has a blue sleeve with a 5K on it.  Our new 2019 logo on the front and super comfortable.  All participants receive these at packet pickup.
★ Bart Yasso - Dubbed "The Mayor of Running" - is a world renowned speaker, author and inducted into the Running USA Hall of Champions. Back by popular demand, he will be telling stories at the race expo held on the water at "The Shell" downtown Wilmington. You don't want to miss this amazing opportunity to meet Bart and hear his incredible journey.
★ New Double-Bling Challenge - New in 2019, you can run the 5K before jumping in the Half Marathon to earn 2 medals in 1 morning! As long as you can run your 5K in under 1 hour and are up for the challenge, you will earn both long sleeve tech shirts and both medals! Sign up for this during online registration now.
★ Beer & BBQ - The after party is where we have fun. Killer age group awards, some of the best BBQ you've ever had and free beer tickets for runners. With our staff handling the beer this year and a Saturday race, you're in for a treat as we party on the water with some live music and cheer on the runners coming into the finish!
★ Extra Surprise Swag Is Out! - It's a fleece blanket the first 1500 registered participants will receive this at the finish line.

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If your bib number doesn't show up above, you can always look it up here.  Or if you registered more than 1 person under your email.  You need to know this for packet pickup!  Some challenge members will not have a bib shown as well, you will receive this in the next pre-race emal.



We have less than 100 spots total between the half and 5k.  If you know someone that waits until the last minute to sign up, tell them to get online and register now.  We will not be overselling our cap so we may not be taking registrations during packet pickup or race day.  REGISTER HERE

Know some of those "non-runners" but awesome supporters?  Get them out here to cheer you on and tell them they will have 10 times the fun if they make a sign!


Each race and area that we run in is unique with restrictions and laws that we must carefully follow.  Please help us follow these rules so that we can continue to have a fun family friendly event with a beer garden to follow it!
1) No ID = No Beer - You must bring your ID to the race.  We don't care if you're over 40, over 50 or in the top age group - we ID everyone.
2) It's a limit of 1 beer ticket per runner.  You will have tear-away tabs on your bib for this.  You will be able to purchase additional beer at the event.
3) All alcohol must stay within the beer garden area!


About: If you're not familiar with who Bart Yasso is - click here. Many consider him the "Mayor of Running" at Runner's World.  He is truly inspiring and has an amazing story.
Packet Pickup: Bart is our guest speaker for the weekend and will be talking at 5pm during our expo. He'll be sharing some of his best stories and signing his book so don't miss it!
Race Day: Bart will also be kicking us off on race morning and congratulating you as you finish the race on Sunday.


WHEN: Friday December 6th from 2pm – 7pm
WHERE: At The Shell (downtown Wilmington) CLICK HERE or use the address 10 Harnett St. Wilmington, NC 28401.
*We are asking ALL packets to be picked up here on Friday night.  If you can't make it, it's ok to pick up race day morning - but please come extra early!

FAQ: Is it ok to have a friend pickup your packet?
Yes, you may have a friend/family member pick up your packet. They must have your bib %BIB_NUMBER% and copy of your photo ID. This could be a picture or screenshot on their phone – or printed.

FAQ: What goes on at Packet Pickup?
You get your packet - bib, pins and tshirt.  There are also several vendors setup for health, wellness and athletic performance so bring some cash/card to do some fun shopping.  Also, Coastal Race will have some crazy special deals for future races!

*Packet Pick-up is over promptly at 7:00.  If you can't make it by 7pm, your packet will be at the start line in the morning.

FAQ:  I chose to have my packet mailed, when should I receive it?
These were shipped on Friday 11/ and should arrive to everyone by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. It includes your bib only and shirts will be available for you at the race.



PARKING:  There are several places to park around the start/finish line and all over downtown. Click Here for available downtown parking.  Click Here or use the address: 500 N. Front St. Wilmington, NC 28401 for our start line.  Early birds get some really good parking spots!
*There are over 800 meters on the street and several parking garages.  PLEASE DON'T PARK ON THE ROUTE DOWNTOWN!

(1) Arrive 45-60 minutes earlier for parking.
(2) Bring your bib & pins!
(3) Cash for extra food, drinks, swag - especially spectators.
(4) Make an AWESOME sign!  Especially those non-runners!
(5) Bring pre-race hydration!  We’ve got your need’s covered after the race with bottle water, banana’s, jugs of Gatorade, BBQ and beer. But be sure to bring any pre-race hydration or nutrition you may need.

Click Here
or use the address: 800 N. Front St. Wilmington, NC 28401 for our start line.

7:00AM   -  5K START
-  1 Water/Gatorade stop

  6 Water/Gatorade stops
-  2 Potty Breaks 🙂

8:30AM  -  5K AWARDS
- Top 3 overall Male/Female and Every 5 Year Age Groups

- Top 3 overall Male/Female and Every 5 Year Age Groups

- To ensure runner safety, as we pick up cones and police assistance is relieved, we will ask for runners still on the road to move to the sidewalk at this point.  If you don't want to leave the course at this point, that is fine but understand water stops and course support is pulled at this time.


*If you go to the website: you will see a large course map and a printable PDF for all of the routes.  We will also have a large map with people to answer questions for you during packet pickup and by the start line on race day.



1) Pre-hydrate and use all of our waterstops! Pre-hydration for a half marathon should also take place in the days before the event!
2) When running where it hasn’t been coned off, please run where signs and volunteers direct you, stay to the side of the road and be courteous of drivers and residents.
3) Follow your race arrows on ground, signs, overhead and volunteers on course.
4) Find a pace group at the beginning to place yourself in the corral by speed even if you don't plan to run with the pace group.
5) Don't let headphones and music keep you from hearing runners and what's around you.  Be a conscious and courteous runner.
6) If you need to walk, please pull over to the side first so runners right behind you can easily get around without stopping.



We do this every race and it's a fun way to share pictures and have a chance to run for free!  Use #RunILM to share with your friends you're running in this race. Take pictures of your training, during the race and at the after party on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. We'll be sharing your pics on our website and facebook page. Be sure to tag us or post to our page so that we see your pictures! 1 Lucky winner from the photos uploaded will win a FREE entry into any of our races - your choice!  You can start sharing pictures NOW!


Can I pickup a packet for a friend?  Yes, please have their bib # and a picture of their ID (can be a photo on your phone)
Can I swap tshirt sizes?
   Yes, in the after party area we'll have a tshirt swap table - this is based on availability.
Strollers Allowed?   Strollers are allowed on all courses.  Please be careful and watch your surroundings!
Dogs Allowed?   Sorry to say but due to USATF sanctioning, no dogs are allowed at the event unless ADA compliant and paperwork filed click here
Age Restrictions?   No age restrictions, parental consent for all runners under 18 for any races are required.
Will I receive a medal?  All runners will receive a medal, we will not oversell. 
What's the plan for inclement weather? 
This is a rain or shine event.
Virtual Races:  If you're a virtual runner, click here to see when you will get your packet and other FAQ's

See our General FAQ's Page and our Wilmington Historic Half & 5K Race Website for more information and again, please don't hesitate to email us here and we'll do our best to respond promptly.