I find that with every season there is a transition period in my running. I just finally get used to warm summer temperatures and it begins to cool down. Then once I’m fully adapted to running in the cold – spring has sprung! With today being the first day of spring I decided to make a few notes on things to be aware of as we transition to the next season.

1. With the time change a couple of weeks ago and today being the first official day of Spring the first thing you may want to adjust is your running schedule. Since we fall back it actually stays a little darker longer and is lighter later in the evening so if you do not like running in the dark this is something you may want to think about.

2. Socks! It is definitely time to lose those extra thick extra warm winter socks. Nothing is more distracting on a run than uncomfortable and hot feet! Find a lighter weight sock that will be more comfortable as temperatures rise.

3. Along those same lines are shoes! Have you changed out your shoes recently or are they getting pretty worn out? Would a lighter pair be better for spring and summer running? If your shoes are in great shape then don’t forget with the lighter weight socks you may need to tighten them up a little bit!

4. What to wear? That is a good question! I’d say layer it up to be on the safe side. While early morning can still feel chilly when you first walk out the door by the time you’ve covered your first couple of miles you start to warm up (and so do the temps). Layering with a lightweight jacket that you can tie around your waste is a safe bet.

5. Depending on where you live you will most certainly be faced with some type of pollen in the Spring. For me in the Carolina’s it’s Pine pollen. The first spring I lived at the beach I was out running early one morning, it was dark so I had on my headlamp. I couldn’t quite figure it out, was it snowing, was it misting rain, what was it? Once I got home and realized I was completely covered from head to two in yellow pine pollen I soon discovered Claritin D – 12 hour. Just know while out running we breath deeply and you may need to stock up on whatever antihistamine works well for you.

6. Run in the rain! We’ve all gotten caught out in a rainstorm or two but have you left your house and headed out in a downpour? Do it! You will most certainly come back home feeling a new sense of commitment to your goals and a bit like a bad ass! I love running in the rain.

7. Enjoy this season! Maybe add back in that extra day you dropped during the winter or head to the track for some intervals. Springtime is rarely too hot or too cold and will be gone before we know it so enjoy every mile of it!