Unless you are from the Brunswick County area you might wonder who are these people and why do they do what they do? To fill in the blanks, about 5 years ago I ran a half marathon and was really disappointed in the whole experience. My family had come to cheer me on (They pretty much ROCK!) and so on the ride home the discussion began. We’ve been to top notch races – and to some poorly managed races. We talked about the obvious differences between the two and what makes a “great” race. But once we arrived home we got busy with our normal daily routines and let the conversation go. Thanksgiving was just around the corner and although my family, like all others, had endured hard times we also had much to celebrate! As we enjoyed the day we started talking about running again (big surprise) and we began to talk about bringing a top notch race to an area we had grown to love and call home. That day gave birth to the idea of Run Sunset Beach and has forever changed the lives and direction of my family. And yes, it was only the beginning.

So, first, I’d like to introduce my Son-in-law and business partner – David Hutnik. He is an All-American good guy! A great husband and father, wonderful (better than I deserve) son-in-law, and an extremely hard working guy. He owns Awesome Website Guys – (if you need a website call him – He’s Awesome) and is very active on land and sea! He has accomplished a couple of Marathons , Triathlons and loves to get down and dirty at mud runs! Dave is CRP’s technical genius – without his partnership Coastal Race Productions wouldn’t exist! For this I’ll be eternally grateful!

My daughter Jackie is a full time wife, mother and homeschool educator – not to mention that she was the best Disney Parks Mom Panelist in the history of the Disney Parks Moms panel. She is beautiful and funny, she is kind hearted and without a doubt has been best part of my life – David is one lucky guy, but then so am I. Jackie doesn’t love to sweat but I have to say she can run anything from a 5k to half marathon and never train! She is unbelievably amazing! The races I have managed to talk her in to are by far the most enjoyable I’ve ever run! You can get to know her better by checking out Delightfully Jackie where she shares all of her wonderful expertise!

My granddaughter Addie, well need I go on? Her parents are both amazing – you can only imagine that she is super amazing! Ran her first 1 mile before she could walk and her first 5K at age 3! It was a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot and I’ll never forget it! I was so proud of her – she loves to run! But she also loves gymnastics, karate, surfing and tap dancing! Beautiful soul that one – if your lucky enough to be handed a medal at the end of one of our races by her – you’ll know what I mean!

Terry is the newest member of the tribe and fits in very well! He had no idea what he was getting himself into when he popped the question – but he soon found out that we are a family obsessed with all aspects of running! We travel to them, talk about them, plan them, put them on and talk about them some more! So guess what – he started running and has nailed a couple of half marathons too! Terry is one of the kindest people I have ever known and I’m so glad I said YES! By day he is all about commercial construction and travels the Carolina’s building some amazing stuff! Yay – Terry!

David and I are partners in the business side of Coastal Race Productions – the rest of the Squad fills in the gaps both on and off course when it comes to race day! We couldn’t do it without them! I want to thank them for becoming a part of my passion. For rolling up there sleeves and giving it all they’ve got on race day! Because of you I am not only loved but truly blessed! Thank you… While this is the how and why of Coastal Race Productions – it doesn’t end here! Not only do we want to continue to bring you top notch races set in beautiful Coastal North Carolina, we want to be the hub in Brunswick County for all things running, building a community of support, organizing a club, sharing information, learning, growing and encouraging each other!

Until Next Time – Keep Running!

Johnna Terragna – RunCRP