1  It’s A Top Calorie Burning Exercise  The average runner burns approximately 8.5 calories per minute when running at a comfortable pace but the problem with that is the more you run the more comfortable you become.  Keep this in mind and if burning more calories is your goal – Keep Pushing!

2  It Boosts Metabolism Long After Finished  While running at a conversational pace will boost your metabolism for several hours you can really rev it up by adding weekly interval training to your schedule.  One study I found in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, women who ran hard for two minutes followed by three minutes at a low intensity torched more calories in the 24 hours following their sweat sessions than those who did slow, steady mileage.

3  Helps Fight Anxiety And Depression  Running cannot take the place of professional help for anyone suffering from depression.  However, running is famously associated with the release of endorphins in the brain, which provide natural uplifts in mood. 

4  Solo Runs Provide Time For Introspection  With the fast pace of life today it’s hard to find time to really examine ourselves.  Running is one way to guarantee yourself a little one on one for the mind! If you don’t already leave your earbuds home and head out the door alone once a week or so and give your mind some time to work through what is going on around you on a daily basis.  It’s very freeing!

5  Group Runs Are Great For Socializing  On the flip side if your social life is lacking try joining a local running group or club.  This is where you will find your like minded, life long friendships! 

6  Expensive Equipment Isn’t Required  Shoes, really just shoes!  Of course we like more stuff but really all we need are shoes!  Did I say shoes? ?

7  Provides A Chance To Enjoy Nature  Wherever you are – there is BEAUTY there!  Look around and enjoy!

8  Lengthens Life Span  According to one study reported by the New York Times, “1 hour of running may add 7 hours to your life”.  Another study I found online says that on average, runners tend to extend their life by 3 years.  I’m not at all sure how they know this but I think it’ safe to say we all feel better when we regularly engage in physical activity!

9  Boosts Creativity I love nothing more than the brain storming sessions I have with my running partner while on the road!  Upon occasion I run with my phone in hand so I can take notes with talk to text. 

10 Increases Self-Esteem  If you remember nothing else from my Tuesday’s Top 10 – remember this.  Whether your running your first mile or training for a marathon, YOU are a runner and YOU belong!  I lived very defeated for a good share of my life and it was only through running that I began to stand a little taller in my shoes.  I held my head a little higher with every single goal I reached, no matter how big or how small.  The running community is one of the most positive and encouraging environments you can find yourself in so if your new to the sport, you’ve come to the right place.  If you’ve been around the block a few times, encourage someone to join you and let’s all keep moving in a positive direction!