Thanks so much for participating in the Run Oak Island event with us Saturday on February 19th, 2022. We’ve sent 4 pre-race emails to participants but this is for anyone that may have missed them or signed up a little later.






WHERE: Moose Lodge (Address: 4239 Long Beach Rd SE, Southport, NC 28461) *Please have your bib number handy!

WHEN: Friday 2/18 2PM – 7PM

Q) Are any bibs being shipped?
A) We did not ship bibs for this event this year, all must be picked up in person.

Q) Can someone else pick up my packet on Friday?
A) Absolutely.  Please send them your bib number (%BIB_NUMBER%) and a picture of your ID – this can just be a photo on their phone.

Q) Is there another option to pick up my bib?
A) If you absolutely can’t make it on Friday and no one else can get it for you, please plan to come extra early race morning to the amphitheater in the park and we can have your bib for you then. Please try to make it on Friday if at all possible though.


Click Here for directions to parking or use the address: 4815 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island, NC 28465. ALL of our approved parking is within 1/4 mile of the start line.  See the below diagram for all of the approved lots in a diagram.

PRO TIP: Early Birds get the close parking spots.

All of the spots in RED below are “Self Parking” meaning – if you see a spot, park there on your own. Access to parking on Dolphin Dr. will be from 49th St. only.
The BLUE lots are for later arrivals and we’ll have volunteers helping you park.  If you park here, please cross Oak Island Dr. at 49th St. where we’ll have an officer for safety.

Start Times & Schedule:

6:45 AM – Full Marathon & East Half Marathon
7:00 AM – West Half Marathon
7:30 AM – 5K
8:30 AM – 1 Mile
8:30 AM – 5K Awards
9:45 AM – Half Marathon Awards
11:45 AM – Full Marathon Awards
1:45 PM – Cutoff Time For All Races

  • No Late Starts: We do not allow late starts at this event due to traffic being opened up and course logistics.
  • Corral Etiquette: Do your best to line up in the corral based on your pace.  Pacers will be lined up in the corral 10 minutes prior to the start to help you with this.
  • Pace Groups: Pacers in the Full & Half Marathon are here to help you achieve your goals. They can comfortably run at their pace so find them before your race, introduce yourself if you’d like to run with them!
  • Elite Heat: No need to email us.  If you run a sub 2:50 marathon or sub 1:25 half marathon or a sub 20 min 5K – we’re going to be making announcements 15 minutes prior to the start of each race calling for elites to make their way into the start corral. Please go to the front for our gun start. *Overall awards are done by gun time!
  • Portable Toilets: These are located in the park and several on-course.
  • Hydration On Course: We have water & Gatorade roughly every 2 miles on the courses. 1 on the 5K, 7 on each half marathon, and 14 on the Full Marathon.
  • Awards: We have some really cool wooden age group, overall, and masters awards.  These will be handed out on the stage during the awards ceremony. Every 5 yrs for age group awards & 40+ for masters are all by chip time – these are on the back of your bib tracking when you start and finish.  Overall awards are given by gun time based on the start of the race. East & West Half Marathons will be grouped together for age group awards with separate overall/masters awards.
  • Results: These will be live online during the event and updated automatically as you cross the finish line.  CLICK HERE to see the results page (the same page will be updated on race day). So on your phone, just go to and you will see your time before you even get out of the finisher chute.
  • Beer & BBQ:  You will have tickets on your bib good for one beer and one BBQ. *No ID = No Beer
  • RaceJoy Enabled:  If you run with your phone, be sure to download the “RaceJoy” app and search for “Run Oak Island” to allow runner tracking. Spectators and friends can track you online, send you cheers, and you’ll receive audio cues along the course. This is paid for by the race and free to you as the runner.
  • Course Signs: We have hundreds of signs on course, duct-taped arrows on the road, and over 100 volunteers, police, and staff out on the course to help you.  Here are a few signs to keep an eye out for near the start of the race!