Thank you for participating in the 10th Annual Run Sunset Beach events on April 29th! This is your pre-race information so PLEASE read it carefully. If you are registered, you’ve received 3 emails at the time of posting this (4/21/23) but please share this with anyone interested in running or anyone else that may have missed it. We’ve split it into 3 easy sections: What you absolutely need to know, some info you’ll want to know and a few additional nice to know items for race day.



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1) Packet Pickup: Pickup your bib & race shirt at the expo on Friday, April 28th from 2 pm – 7 pm at the Sea Trail Convention Center (75 Clubhouse Rd, Sunset Beach, NC 28468) CLICK HERE for directions. We are not pre-assigning bib numbers for this race – you will be assigned one when you come to the expo.
*Bring your ID. A friend can pickup your bib for you, they will need a picture of your ID as well.
*Emergency Only – If you absolutely can’t make it to the expo, we will make arrangements for an emergency only pickup on race day for you – please come extra early.

2) Race Day Parking: We’ve secured a lot of parking close to the start/finish area. Our team will be assisting you to get parked as close as possible – come early to get the best spots.  Everyone should plan to be here and parking no later than 6:15 am. Our team will be out to help you park starting at 5:30 am.  CLICK HERE or use the following address: 136 Sunset Blvd N, Sunset Beach, NC 28468 *See diagram below.

3) Bag Drop: We will have a bag drop for you near the start/finish line. We ask that you use a clear bag, we will have some available at the expo if you’d like to grab one. Your bib will have a bag drop tag to attach to your bag with your bib number.

4) Covid & Hydration On Course: Our races are back to normal like it’s 2019 again. We have 6 hydration stations for the half marathon and 1 for the 5K with water and Gatorade using disposable cups. We do not have mask mandates or physical distancing requirements. Please be considerate of others.

5) Race Day Schedule:
5:45 am – Arrive for parking
7:00 am – Half Marathon Starts
7:15 am – 5K Starts
8:15 am – 5K Awards (Overall, Masters & Age Groups – every 5 years)
8:30 am – 1 Mile Starts (in the park)
9:45 am – Half Marathon Awards (Overall, Masters & Age Groups – every 5 years)
10:30 am – Cut Off Time For Half Marathon



1) Pace Groups:  If you are wanting to run with a pace group, these will be positioned in the start corral with pace signs: 1:45, 2:00, 2:15 & 2:30 along with a sweeper.

2) Corrals:  While we don’t assign specific corrals by time, we highly encourage you to position yourself appropriately between pace groups based on your anticipated finish time!

3) Awards: We have really cool pins and “Winner” ribbons for all age groups and wooden awards for overall and masters winners (top 3). These will be handed out at the designated times only in the park at the amphitheater. Every 5 yrs for age group awards & 40+ for masters are all by chip time (chips are on the back of your bib tracking when you start and finish).  Overall awards are given by gun time based on the start of the race.

3) Results:  These will be live online during the event and updated automatically as you cross the finish line.  CLICK HERE to see the results page (the same page will be updated on race day).



1) Race Course:  If you run with your phone, we will have “RaceJoy” enabled to allow runner tracking.  Spectators and friends can track you online, send you cheers, and you’ll receive audio cues along the course.  This is paid for by the race and free to you as the runner. We will also be sending each runner their respective race course in a separate email.

2)  Elite Heat: No need to email us.  If you run a sub 1:25 (male) / 1:35 (female) half marathon or a sub 20 min (male) / 22 min (female) 5K – we’re going to be making announcements 15 minutes prior to the start of each race calling for elites to make their way into the start corral. Remember – overall awards are done by gun time so if you think you will place in the top 3, be sure to get up in front!

3) Portable Toilets: These are located near the park as well as a couple of spots on course.

4) Beer & BBQ is BACK!: Participants will receive 2 free beers and a plate of BBQ at the event. No ID = No Beer

5) No Shuttles:  If you’ve run this event in the past, you may be used to parking about 2 miles away and grabbing the shuttle provided by the race.  We have arranged closer parking so arrive early for the closest parking spots!

6) Where Can I Park & Not Park?  We’ll have a team helping you to park when you arrive but just so you know approved parking, see the map included below.  If you find yourself in a parking spot that is 2x-3x the length of your car – or if you see boats parked next to you – that’s the boat parking and you will be towed!