UPDATE:  9/10/18  (3:10pm)

We regret to inform you that Run Holden Beach 2018 has been cancelled.  With preparation for the storm in coastal North Carolina, the town is going to wait until after the storm has passed to evaluate damage and decide if we can have a postponed race date.

We understand you have many questions regarding if there will be a postponed race or not and what alternative options will be available for runners – we unfortunately just don’t have options yet at this time.  We really ask for your patience as we prepare for this storm.

Living directly in the middle of the projected path, we are preparing our homes and planning evacuations ourselves.

What we promise you is that we will be proactive with providing updates and status on options available to all runners in the coming weeks after the storm.

We hope everyone will stay safe!

UPDATE:  9/10/18  (10:30am)

We ask for your patience.  There are lots of questions that we do not have answers to.  We are working with local authorities and monitoring weather closely.  Please understand that we live directly in the middle of the projected cone impacted by Hurricane Florence.  We are securing our homes and planning possible evacuation ourselves.

Due to the fact that we don’t know the impact this storm will have on the island, the town has not issued us a potential postponed race date at this time nor will they until after the storm has passed.  We will update you as soon as we know anything.

We are not able to answer all of the emails that come in regarding this storm, please have patience and check back here for updates.

UPDATE:  9/9/18

This post will continually be updated to keep runners, spectators and the community informed.  As we lead up to race day (September 15th) and Hurricane Florence develops, we will be monitoring weather very closely and working with local authorities to make the best decision possible.

Is the race still on?

Will we postpone the race and if so, what will the date be?
We don’t know just yet.

When will we know if the race is going to be cancelled/postponed?
We don’t know.  Sometime between Monday & Thursday.

If it’s cancelled/postponed, what will our options be for runners?
We don’t know just yet.  We aim to be the most runner friendly events and will do our best to offer solutions for everyone.

Safety is #1 for our runners, volunteers, staff, and the community being affected.  Please understand that we live in this affected area.  We will do our very best to have some answers for you leading into this next week.