Thank you for joining us for the Run Ocean Isle Beach event!  We will have almost 8 miles of cones on the road, 9 officers, roughly 60 volunteers out on course, hundreds of signs, 10 pacers, 6 water stops and some energetic team members all over the course cheering you on race morning.  If you take a quick look at the map below or review the Map My Run here – you should be good but below we detail every single piece of the course for those that like to be extra prepared for race day.

This course is a certified and sanctioned road race.  It is not an “approximate” distance like a watch, it is professionally certified using the Jones Counter on a calibrated bike and measured twice for accuracy. Mile markers are never certified points on course.

Start – On East 2nd St. in front of Pelicans Perch Restaurant.  You will face the causeway to start the race and head off the island.
Right on Causeway Dr. – you’ll cross the road here to the far left lane as you head over the bridge off the island.
Left onto Culpepper Rd.
Right onto Hale Beach Dr.
Left onto Beach Dr. – stay to your far left and go all the way down.
Left onto Aquatic Dr.
Left onto Figure Eight Dr.
Left onto Timber Hitch Dr.
Right onto Bitter End Trail
Right onto Stopper Ln
Right onto Round Turn Rd
Left onto Timber Hitch Dr.
Right onto Butterfly Knot Dr.
Right onto Carrick Bend Trail
Left onto Aquatic.
Right onto Beach Dr. – Stay left of the runners coming into Aquatic but right of the cones staying in Eastbound lane.
Left onto Dunes Blvd
Left onto Ellsworth Dr. (Keep Left)
Left onto Redford Dr. (Keep Left)
Right onto Long Pond Rd. (Keep Left)
Left onto Redford Dr. (Keep Left)
Right onto Ellsworth (Keep Left)
Left at traffic circle onto Dunes Blvd
Right onto Ocean Isle Beach Rd.
Enter traffic circle – you’ll be going straight but keeping to the outside of the traffic circle in a coned lane
Straight onto Causeway Dr. – Keep Right in coned lane all the way over the bridge.
Right onto 3rd St – This turns into 4th St.
Left onto Driftwood Dr.
Right onto 2nd St.
Left on Beufort St.
Left into coned lane on First St.
Left onto Clinton St.
Right onto 2nd St.
Straight across Causeway – Keep Right on 2nd St as you pass the finish line area (This is Mile 8)
Left onto Winston Salem
Right onto 4th St.
Left onto Charlotte St. which curves around
Right on Shallotte Blvd – cross the street to the far lane.
Right onto 3rd St.
Left onto Charlotte St.
Right onto 2nd St. (Keep Left)
Left onto Highpoint St.
Right into coned lane on 1st St.
Right turn into finish line AFTER Halifax St.

Again, the course is extremely well marked with tons of cones, signs, volunteers, police and staff to guide you and keep you safe on course.  Thanks for joining us!