Run Ocean Isle Beach has a record crowd attending with over 1600 runners on Saturday 10/26/2019.  This article will tell you where/when roads are closed and many more details about race day if you’re wanting to cheer on runners or avoid the race altogether.  We are not telling you that you can’t go somewhere, simply trying to let you know what to expect and give you a heads up.  If driving, we ask that you PLEASE use extreme caution with all of the runners on the road and drive slowly.

When:  The races start at 7am (Half Marathon) and 7:15 (5K) and go until about 10:30am on Saturday morning 10/26/2019.

Click Here for a large map to see the courses.  Or Click Here for a printable PDF of the map.
*If you want to estimate where runners will be, find a mile marker and plan for the first runner to be around a 5 min/mile pace and the last runner to be around a 16 min/mile pace with the races starting at 7:00am for the half marathon and 7:15am for the 5K.  ie. runners should be to mile 5 (on W. 3rd St.) between 7:25 and 8:20am.

5:00am – 6:45am – All runners will be coming onto the island to park.  It’ll be like summer turnover day except before the sun rises. 
6:00am – 7:30am – 2nd St. between Halifax and Causeway will be closed for the race start.
6:45am – 8:30am – Officers will manage alternating vehicular traffic in the northbound lane of the bridge while runners are using the southbound lane.
6:45am – 10:30am – Vehicular traffic on E. 2nd St. is restricted to westbound (leaving the island) only.  The eastbound lane is used for runners.
6:45am – 10:30am – Vehicular traffic on E. 1st St. is restricted to eastbound only.  The westbound lane is used for runners.
*Open connector streets are:  Monroe, Concord, Newport, Raeford, Leland, Goldsboro & all roads past Chadbourn (including Chadbourn)

*Above shows eastbound vehicles on E. 1st St. (red arrows) and westbound vehicles on E. 2nd St. (blue arrows).

6:45am – 10am – Westbound traffic on W. 1st St. from Beaufort (water tower) to roundabout is closed.  You can leave the island but if coming onto the island headed west, please utilize W. 3rd St. and use caution with runners on the road.

Note:  You will see a lot of signs and arrows (duct tape on the streets).  This is all cleaned up on race morning.  You will also see a lot of coning around Saturday morning, this is only during the event and picked up by 11am.

If you have questions/comments/concerns, you can feel free to email us here.  Keep in mind we may not be able to respond until after the race on Saturday.