We are a team of runners striving to put on the absolute most runner friendly events around. We wanted to take a minute to share with you some of these amazing changes here for all Coastal Race Productions events. So while many know us as the Big Ass Medal race series with the coolest runner swag; we want you to know how much we truly care about you as part of our runner family.

*All of these options are 100% managed by you – the participant.  It’s easy to login and edit any of the following options.

#1 Refunds:

You can get upto 75% refund of your registration (depending on when you process it)


#2) Transfer To Another Race:

We allow you to transfer to any other CRP event! Just process it more than 30 days out of your event.


#3) Switch Distances

We allow you to swap out to another distance up or down even just a few days out from the event!


#4) Bib Transfer:

Want to gift or sell your bib, we have no problem with this. Just complete 7 days out and you’re good.


#5) Deferrals:

Want to Defer to Next Year’s event? You can do this as long as you process it 30 days out from your event.


#6) Shirt Swap:

Change your shirt size?  Easy to do online yourself.  Or if you get to packet pickup, we’ll have a “shirt swap station” based on availability.


#7)  Virtual Options:

Want to run “virtually”? You can signup for this first or switch to a virtual run (event transfer). We know you will love coming to the event much more but just incase you can’t make it – we got you!


#8)  Hurricane Insurance Guarantee

We offer the option for you to buy private insurance that covers injury, travel issues, etc.. For a very small fee, you can purchase this and get a full registration refund just incase something happens.

We now buy hurricane insurance allowing us to provide more options regarding your registration.  Our desire is to be able to refund some if not all of your registration if for any reason the event gets cancelled due to weather outside our control; however, this is contingent upon the discretion of the adjuster.   We are still a rain or shine event but hurricanes are something we have to deal with here at the coast and we’ve found a solution.  We are one of the only races doing this right now!


#9)  Race Day Packet Pickup & Mail My Packet

We really would love for everyone to come to our expo and packet pickup the day prior to the event.  Honestly, if it is at all possible for you to make, please come the day before.  We understand that sometimes this just isn’t possible so we offer race day packet pickup and a “mail my packet” option now.


At a Coastal Race Productions event, you can guarantee we put everything possible into our events. We source the nicest swag items: shirts/medals and more.  We bring the best course support and traffic control local towns can allow.  Our after party always has the best food and beer – all for free to runners while keeping everything family friendly and safe.  Our goal is for you to have the BEST race experience and we hope you’ll join us.